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CEERES Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company started by international investors to develop biogas projects in Poland and Central Europe. While the company is new, its engineering and technical expertise from Denmark and the United States goes back more than two decades.

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Biogas is recommended as the most environmentally-friendly alternative for organic waste by the European Commission, every environmental agency in the EU, and all major global NGOs. Of course, reduction of the use of fossil fuels has well-known benefits in reduced air pollution emissions. CEERES also is strongly committed to the utilization of waste material as a substrate to produce clean energy.

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Welcome to CEERES

We are a major renewable energy company based in Warsaw, Poland. CEERES provides combined heat and power plants from biogas and geothermal energy.

We design, build, own and operate these plants. CEERES provides the investment capital, know-how and complete project development.

We provide solutions to organic waste management problems and energy output at less than commercial rates.

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